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About Angel's Direct In Home Health Care CDS, LLC

Our staff provides care and service with courtesy, dignity, love and respect.


Arianna L. Roberts, Executive Director

Arianna is an experienced CEO whose sensitivity to providing care to those with diverse needs has provided her with extensive knowledge in the areas of patient care, staff development, family support, and operational efficiency.

She is also a US Army Chaplain’s Assistant who’s been responsible for the accountability and well-being of over 1,000 soldiers per year. This background, combined with Arianna’s commitment to caring for others, laid the groundwork for being co-founder of Angel’s Direct In Home Health Care CDS, LLC.


Angel K. Roberts, Director of Operations

Angel is a trained, licensed and ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is highly respected as a Leader of leaders, nationwide. She is an Innovator and Motivational Speaker continuously spreading a kingdom message of Faith, Healing, Hope and Purpose.

Angel is also the co-founder of Angel’s Direct In Home Health Care CDS, LLC. She has over two decades of business management, marketing and health care experience. Daily, she employs management to oversee the day-to-day operations of the company.